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The conference buses on Sunday, Sep. 19

First bus departs from the Patio hotel in the center of Wroclaw (Kielbasnicza street, see the map) on 1.30 pm. This gives people staying overnight in Wroclaw some time for seeing the city (see below).

If there is any interest, the bus will pick up people from the airport first, which means that it will leave the airport on 1 pm.

The second bus will depart from Wroclaw railway station (Wroclaw Glowny, please print a map of the railway station) on 6.45 pm, and from the airport about 7.30 pm. At the airport please find the bus at a parking lot in front of the terminal. It should be easy — the airport is very small.

The welcome reception on Sunday will begin on 9.30 pm, after the arrival of the second bus.

Wroclaw in two hours

A tour “Wroclaw in two hours from the Patio hotel” should begin from a visit to the Market Square (Rynek), which is very close to the hotel. The 14th century Town Hall in the middle of the Market Square is not bad. The flower market, visible from the south-west corner of the Market Square is also nice. From the north-east corner of the Market Square Kuznicza street leads you to the baroque old building of the university (Plac Uniwersytecki). Aula Lepoldynska inside is worth seeing.

North of the university reach the river bank, and take the direction to the east (Grodzka street). Crossing the Piaskowy bridge you will enter the archipelago of dozens of little islands, which is the oldest part of the city. The Cathedral Church is the most important historical monument in this area (this is the one with two towers).

You can also try to climb to the tower of the monumental gothic church next to the hotel, a good warm up before the Wednesday CSL excursion.

Last modified: Sep 14, 2004, 15:22